September 11, 2017

Time Trial and 95k Week

Week of Aug. 28 ~ Sept. 3
54.9km, 5:29 running time

Monday and Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - club 5,000m time trial at 7:30pm as usual, 28°C/82F and 80% humidity - very humid!
The time was 20:45, 17 seconds faster than last month and not bad for the heat and humidty.
Splits were 4:02/04/09/17/12. Just couldn't hold sub-4:10 pace the last 2k, but at least managed a bit of a kick. I felt like I was boiling when I finished, really exhausted. Maybe the worst I ever felt after a 5k. Well, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.
Weight before running was 60.3kg, which is where I seem to be every day. I want to lose more, but at least I'm not gaining any (and I do weigh less than Scott Brown!).

Thursday - 102 mins, 16.2k. Ran to and from school (5.5k each way) then one easy mile and one tempo mile (7:04 or 4:23/k) with one of the fast girls.

Fri, Sat, Sun - daughter visiting from Singapore so only had time for a 1 hr. run each day.

Week of Sept. 4 ~ 10
95.3k, 9:41 running time

Monday - 108 mins., 18.2k. 5.5k to/fm school, 2.2k to/fm track, 400 x 7 easy with kids after they did a 1600m time trial.

Tuesday - gym workout and rest, but had to run 30 mins. as one of the girls got knee pain, so I had to let her ride my bike, which I had been riding along with them.

Wednesday - track workout, 1000m x 6 in 4:01/3:55/3:54/3:53/3:54/3:49.
About 3:00 jog/walk in between, with 4:00 after the 4th. Not so hot (23C), but 100% humidity as it had just rained. Felt pretty good and worked hard.
Weight 60.1kg

Thursday - 97 mins, to/fm school and an 800m slightly hilly loop x 5 at a moderate pace. Again, 100% humidity. Just makes it hard to run.

Friday - 90 mins. and gym workout.
Saturday - 69 mins/12k with the last 4k at about 4:40/k pace. 30°C.
Sunday - 120 mins in 30°C heat. Legs a bit tired, especially last 4k.
Weight: 60.2kg

August 29, 2017

2 Race Postscripts; Recovery

Two postscripts to my Beach to Beacon 10K race:
My age graded performance was 86%, which correlates to a 31:13.
I beat Bill Rodgers. Who, admittedly, is not the runner he used to be, but still it sounds good to say, "I beat Bill Rodgers."

On the 11th, 12th and 13th, I ran 40, 60 and 90 minutes.
Rested the 14th, ran 40 mins. on the 15th and on the 16th did a track workout that included 2 1000s in 4:04 and 3:57, so I was fairly well recovered 11 days after the race.

Then the next 5 days did 60, 80, 90, 90 and 90 minutes. Of course, these are all at a comfortable pace.

Rested last Tuesday and Wednesday did 1000 x 4, 800 x 2, 400.
Times were 3:57/56/56/57, 3:09/12 and 88.
This was at 7:30pm and it was 32°C and 62% humidity with not a leaf stirring on the surrounding trees. A hot workout. Happy to keep all 4 1000s under 4:00. Worked pretty hard to do it.

Did 90-minute runs the next 3 days and on Sunday the club had another beach day at Kamakura with about 25 people. We started through the town, stopping at the Great Buddha (huge statue of seated Buddha), from there went up into the hills for about 30 minutes of climbing stairs and hills, then about 15 mins down just to work the quads a bit more. That took an hour, then did another hour (a very hot hour) along the beach road. So that was quite a hard effort.

Had planned a long run for today (Monday) but the legs are sore and tired, so will rest two days and then do the club 5,000m time trial on Wednesday night.

August 11, 2017

Beach to Beacon 10K

I traveled to Portland, Maine and ran the Beach to Beacon 10K on August 5th.
I won my age group (70-74) in 42:36. Would have been 2nd in the 65-69 AG and 7th in the 60-64.
Overall was 511th out of about 6,880.

I thought I would run 42 or 43, but would have liked to go under 42. Well, the time was ok, given that the course had about four hills (not steep, although the last one was the biggest) and it was very humid. The temperature was good at about 20C/72F, but the humidity was in the 90s. I felt ok while running, but was very hot and drenched in sweat when I finished.

Mile splits (no km marks) were 6:30, 59, 47, 57, 51, 7:13 and 78 for the last 320yds (included a hill).
5K splits were 21:12, 21:24. That was good, since the second half was hillier and since last month's 5,000m time trial was 21:02.

I felt good the whole way and ran pretty well, I think.
I still think I can run faster than this, and plan to in the fall.

July 31, 2017

5,000m TT - Slightly Better

Week of July 17 ~ 23

7:32, 72.2km

Monday and Tuesday - 60 minute runs

Wednesday - Track workout 1200, 1000 x 2, 800 x 3, 400
4:50 (4:04 1000), 3:52, 3:53, 3:10, 3:06, 3:03, 87 (3 mins jog/walk after 12 and 10s, 2:30 after 8s)
Felt good on the 1000s and still fairly good on the 800s.
27C, 60% but didn't feel too hot.

Thursday - 90 mins
Friday - Rest, gym
Saturday - 13k with 2k x 3 in 9:10, 9:11, 9:13 (4 mins. walk)
Very hot (34C) but worked hard.

Sunday - 9:00: 30 mins. with my daughter, visiting from Singapore.
3:30: 60 mins.

July 24 ~ 30

5:28, 53.7km

Monday - 60 mins
Tuesday - resting for TT tomorrow, gym

Wednesday - 5,000m time trial
Wanted to go under 21:00, but ran 21:02.
Splits were 4:12/17/11/14/08
Felt pretty good - 2nd 1000 was too slow as I was following a guy and he slowed down. Went around him when I realized the pace was too slow. Kicked as well as possible on a very humid night (actual humidity 99%). 27C
Still have hopes of going under 20 on a cool day in the fall.

Thursday - 60 mins on stiff, heavy legs.
Friday - rest and gym
Saturday - Club trip to seaside town of Kamakura for a 9.8k run up in the hills. Very easy pace first 2k, then 3 2k loops each getting faster and pushing the uphills, then 2k back as best I could in the heat. It was very hot!

Sunday - 90 mins and legs didn't feel too bad.
Monday - 60 mins.
Tuesday - may do a short run in the morning if I have time. Leaving for Portland, Maine about 11:00am. Beach to Beacon 10K is on Sat. Aug. 5. Seems like the weather there is cool - around 20C/68F in the morning. Hoping for a good run.

July 18, 2017

2 Good Training Weeks

Week of July 3 ~ 9

8:06 running time, 74.4km

Monday - 90 mins.
Tuesday - 60 mins. + gym workout

Wednesday - Interval workout 1000m x 6 in the park because the track is closed for two weeks.
4:10, 3:59, 4:02, 4:05, 4:05, 4:00
26°C, 98% humidity (after a typhoon just missed Tokyo)
Warmed up the first one, then felt fairly good.

Thursday - 90 mins.
Friday - Gym
Saturday - 10k with 2k tempo x 2
8:40 and 8:45.
Felt just ok. Very hot - 34°C, in the shade.
Only did two to save my legs for the trail tomorrow.

Sunday - 2:11:13 running time of constant up and down a trail - 17.4k - with 8 others.
Going at an easy pace - walking (climbing) up most of the steep parts (of which there are a lot). The heat - 32° didn't make it easier, even though it's mostly in the shade. As always on this course, ran the last 2.8k all out - no steep parts but continual ups and downs.

Weight was about 59kg all week.

Week of July 10 ~ 16

6:10 running time, 61.1km

Monday - 60 mins.
Tuesday - Gym - need two days of rest this week.

Wednesday - In the park, 2000, 1000 x 3, 500 x 2
8:21, 4:02, 4:06, 4:02, 500s about 1:56
30°C and 77% humidity made for tough conditions. Felt ok and worked hard.

Thursday - 90 mins
Friday - Gym
Saturday - 6k tempo run in 28:09, which averages to 4:42/k
Well, it was hot - 35-36° (95-97F). Tried to keep pushing the pace.

Sunday - 90 mins. and legs felt pretty good.

Temperatures were 32 and above every day. Weight was about 59kg.

Sunday evening went to the annual samba festival in my town. Not of course, to ogle the girl dancers, but because I feel it's my duty as a good citizen to support the town's big event.

July 3, 2017

Sinusitis, Time Trial

Week of June 19 ~ 25

After having a cold, or probably some type of virus since colds don't last that long, I developed sinusitis on Wednesday. This occurs when you have a cold/virus, and your sinus cavities fill with fluid. Germs get into the fluid and the area becomes infected. The result is pain in the sinus area, the left side in my case, which can be quite intense. As it was on thursday, when it radiated all the way down to my jaw, causing my back teeth on the left side to be extremely sore - like, sore to the touch and impossible to chew on that side. I just kept popping ibuprofen until the pain was manageable.
Needless to say, I didn't run thursday or friday. By saturday it was not too bad, so was able to do a long interval workout of 4K, 3K, 2K at around 4:30-4:40 per k. I still had chest congestion and it was very hot as well.
Did an easy 90 mins. on Sunday, with some coughing and slight sinus pain.

Note: There are home remedies for sinusitis, like breathing in steam, but they don't work very well on a bad case. Antibiotics work, but I stay away from those. And it can last for many weeks. Hopefully mine won't, but one week later and I still have discomfort when I lie down - it's ok when I'm upright. Unfortunately, you have to lie down to go to bed.

Week of June 26 ~ July 2

Monday - 60 mins.
Tuesday - 60 mins. and gym workout.
Wednesday - 5,000m time trial, but I took it easy (23:21) because the big multi-club time trial is tomorrow.
Thursday - 5,000m time trial in 21:15. Not bad, but not particularly good. I felt ok, but just didn't have it to go faster. Had people to run with, too. I still have some chest congestion, so that might have been a factor, along with warm, humid weather. Not hot, though, it was at 7pm.
I hope I can run faster at the end of July, to set myself up for the 10K race on Aug. 5 in the US.

Friday - 50 mins, gym workout. Legs felt ok.
Saturday - 70 mins. including 3k x 2 at 4:39 and 4:37 pace. Felt ok, but legs a bit tired. Just after a rain, so VERY humid.
Sunday - 120 mins. A long, tiring run.
Totals for the week were 7:45 running time and 76.8km.
My weight is down to 59kg and staying there, so that's good.

June 18, 2017

Good Trail Workout

Week of June 12 ~ 18

8:02 running time  75.6k

Monday - 60'  My runny nose from 7 days ago has turned into a real cold.
Tuesday - 60' and gym workout. 18C and felt very chilly.
Wednesday - 1200, 1000 x 2, 800 x 3, 400
5:03, 3:53, 3:54, 3:06, 3:10, 3:16, 87
Chest cold affected me - coughing on the 1200, which is not a good sign.
Was breathing ok on the 1000s, however. Then on the 800s I was feeling weak and also my quads were hurting, I suppose from 4 hours running in the last 3 days.

Thursday - 90' - felt ok, but slight cough
Friday - rest, gym
Saturday - 73' - 6k WU, 4k tempo, 2k
Ran the 4k at 4:37/k, not pushing hard because I still have congestion and also will be doing a hard trail run tomorrow.
28C, but a cool breeze in the park. Weight is down to 59.3kg

Sunday - 18.6k, of which about 14 is an unending series of steep up/down/up/down, etc. With lots of roots and stones. Running with 4 other guys and 3 girls - but ran most of it with one of the guys.
Very easy out and back until 3k to go, at which point I went hard to the finish (as I always do on this course). That 3k is rolling up and down but more down than up.
For most of the way, I had to walk up a lot of the steep uphills, more so than in the past. 20 years ago I would run the whole way, but no more. Still a very hard workout, though, great for building leg strength.
It was cool in the woods (it's all woods), but very humid, so not ideal conditions.
All in all, a very pleasant run followed by an even more pleasant soak in a hot spring and then beer and soba noodles.