September 18, 2016

Two Good Weeks

Week of Sept. 5 ~ 11

85.2km / 52.9 mi.  8:38 total time

Week of Sept. 12 ~ 18

86.6km / 53.8 mi.   8:46 total time

Total of 115 mins., 18.4k. To school, with team, back home.
32C/90F, 44%, 20dp

Tues - Gym workout

Wed - 83 mins., 14.5k with 1000 x 6
Ran well, pushed each one, kicked last 200m of last one.
30C/86F, 65%

Thurs - 92 mins. To/from school, warmup with team.
Legs heavy!
27C/81F, 100%

Gym workout
71 mins., quads sore.

68 mins, 11.9k, ran last 4k at about 4:45/k pace.
30C/86F, 66%

89 mins., 15k

127 mins., 21.2k. To school, run with team, back.
10K with varsity boys, easy out, 5:10/k back. An easy day for them.
29C/84F, 70%

Tues - Rest

Wed - 58 mins., 10.5k with 1000 x 5, 500 x 2
4:01/02/04/03/3:56  2:01/1:55 (approx)
Felt ok, very humid!
25C/77F, 80%

Thurs - 91 mins., same as last week

Fri - 100 mins, 16k
24C/75F, 80%, rain off and on

Sat - 60 mins, 10K, w/4k tempo, same as last week

Sun - 90 mins, 14.4k. Legs a bit tired, but ok.
24C/75F, 86%, 22 dp

September 4, 2016

5,000m in 20:04 Shows Promise

Two pretty good weeks of training, with a decent 5,000m time trial.

Week of Aug 22 ~ 28
72km / 44.7 mi    7:12 (total run time for the week)

Week of Aug 29 ~ Sep 4
82.6km / 51.3 mi   8:12

Mon - Typhoon

1:00 - Weight machines and core
2:45 - 70 mins. @5:57. Most of my runs are at 6:00/km, ±15 sec.
Physio - no aches or pains at all these days.

Wed - club workout in the park, 1000m x 6
4:10, 3:59, 3:59, 4:01, 3:48, 3:54
Felt fairly good after the first warmup 1000.
3:48 : Kicked from 200m to pass some A group people (We usually have 60-80 people, so run in two groups. A group is for those under 4:00 per km. I run at the head of the B group.)
3:54 : Running at good pace with another guy.
Weight before running: 59kg
30C/86F, 70% (7:30pm)

Thurs - 100 mins.
Weight: 58.7kg

1:30 - Weights and core
3:30 - 70 mins.

Sat - 120 mins (20k)
Light rain

Sun - Daughter in Japan, so left home in the afternoon to have dinner with her.
She just moved to Singapore to take a position as the Asia Marketing Director for Bandai-Namco, big Japanese computer game company. Had four days of global strategy meetings at HQ.

Mon - 80 mins.
26C/79F, 90%, rain

Tues - Weights and core

Wed - Club 5,000m time trial on a track in eastern Tokyo, very nice facility.
20:04. Splits were 3:58, 4:02, 4:01, 4:05, 3:58
Felt good and ran well. Considering that I had to run hard to make 4:00 for 1000s in previous weeks, this was a nice surprise. Actually, the first 1000 split was a surprise, and then I just tried to hold the pace.
Wore light shoes and had several people to follow, which always helps. Also, it was a bit coolish.
58.8kg - Lighter means faster!

Thurs - 80 mins.

1:00 - Weights and core
2:30 - ASIJ X-country practice has started. Ran 33 mins to school, long rest, 36 mins. with JV boys, short rest, 35 mins back home. Total 104 mins

Sat - 95 mins.

Sun - 90 mins.

August 22, 2016

Hot and Humid

Week of Aug 8 ~ 14

63.9km / 39.7 mi   6:21

5-day week as I couldn't run Sunday. No long runs, run times were 60, 65, 90, 90, 76.

Wednesday night was 5 x 1000, 2 x 500, with the 1000s at about 4:08 — well, it was 29 degrees and 80% humidity.
Weight consistently under 60kg, so that's good.

Week of Aug 15 ~ 21

73.8km / 45.8 mi.   7:38

Mon - 112 mins. 18.2km.
6:09/k pace, return was faster than out.
30C, 70%

Tues - rest, gym workout

Wed - 60 mins. 1000 x 5, 500 x 2
1000s in 3:59, 59, 4:00, 3:58, 4:00
Legs felt fresh.
31C, 70%

Thurs - 90 mins at 8:20pm due to bad thunderstorms in the afternoon. (Ate at 5:30)
26C, 100% !

Fri - Gym workout, 90 mins.

Sat - Heavy rain, took a rest day

Sun - Club trip to Kamakura. Ran from the beach to the Great Buddha, back to the beach and along the beach road, back to start, then out the other way to the hills. Two loops in hills and back.
Total 106 mins, about 17k. Pretty hot but a nice day. Later in the afternoon over a few beers had a nice view of Mt. Fuji, then a nice sunset in one direction and a rainbow in the other direction. All that, along with girls in bikinis, made for a nice day. Should do this every Sunday!

August 7, 2016

Can You Say Hoka One One?

Week of August 1 ~ 7

84.9km / 52.7 mi.    8:27

So I got a pair of Hoka One One's, which are great. Cushiony but quite light. And despite being 20g heavier than my previous Brooks, I run faster in them, without trying to! I guess I'm just springing along.
Interestingly, in fact, rather astoundingly, according to a video by the Hoka CEO, the correct pronunciation is not 1, 1, but "onay, onay". No one knows that!
Onay onay is Maori for run with the wind or something like that.
And Hoka is a French company, which not many people know either. Their main athlete "face" is Manzano, the US 1500 runner, so everyone assumes they are an American company. Live and learn.

Monday - Rest, physio

Tuesday - Gym workout, 80 minutes. 60.7kg

Wednesday - Massage, Intervals in the park, 1000 x 6.
4:06/02/00/02/05/3:56 (150m walk,jog, 3:00)
Finally back down to 4:00 pace, so getting back into shape. Had to work for it, though. Hot and humid night, too.

Thursday - 80 mins - faster pace than I've been running, in the Hokas. Physio

Friday - Gym, 100 mins. 59kg.

Saturday - 64 mins.

Sunday - 118 minutes (20k) with Fabrizio. 33-34°. 60.1kg

August 1, 2016

Another Brick in the Wall

Week of July 25 ~ 31

77.5km / 48.2 mi.  7:47

Monday - Rest day, physio

Tuesday - Gym workout, then 70 mins in light rain

Wednesday - 67 mins. 5k time trial in the park, which was rerouted due to Pokemon Go mania - Yoyogi Park is a Pokemon mecca. Too many people milling about (at 7:30pm!) to run on our 2k loop. Unfortunately the rerouting didn't go as planned and the distance turned out to be 5.25k. Oh well, a little extra work.
Adjusted time was 21:38 - 4:20/k pace.

Thursday - 70 mins., physio

Friday - 90 mins, up to 33°

Saturday - Gym workout, then 70 mins. (no time for more)

Sunday - 100 mins. With friend Fabrizio at a relaxed pace

Not a bad week, will do more next week.
Weight under 60kg the last two days, so that's good. Want to be at 59 or under on a consistent basis. (58 is my lowest limit). The thinner, the in faster. (Take another look at Mo Farah.)

July 26, 2016

Longer Runs Ok, Time Trial Not Too Bad

Weeks of July 11 ~ 24

64.3km / 40 mi   6:39
69.9km / 43.4 mi   7:05

Mon - Rest, physio
Tue - Extra day of rest for the quads, gym workout
Wed - 11.9k with 2000, 1000 x 3, 500 x 2
   Slightly faster pace (4:30/km), felt fine, quads not sore.
   94% humidity made it a bit tougher than usual.
Thu - 80 mins, physio
Fri - 80 mins, gym workout
Sat - 65 mins
Sun - 110 mins (18.2km) felt ok, quads getting sore at the end.

Mon - Rest, physio
Tue - 70 mins, gym workout
Wed - 10.3k with (1000 x 2, 500 x 2) x 2
   Cruised them easily due to time trial tomorrow.
Thu - Multiclub 5,000m time trial on a track. 24°, 94% humidity.
   21:25 with splits of 4:10/16/24/22/13.
   Not fast by any means, but not too bad, considering I haven't run at a decent pace for four months. And it was humid. I'll take it as the first sign of getting back into good shape.

Fri - 70 mins
Sat - 71 mins
Sun - 120 mins. Club trip to seaside town of Kamakura. 8k with the middle 4k very hilly, 10min rest, then 12k at a moderate pace. All under a hot sun (28°). Then beer on the beach!

July 10, 2016

Sore Quads

Week of July 4 ~ 10

7:44  75.6km / 47 mi.

Just about the same as last week, a bit more mileage. My quads are sore every day, not real sore, but...sore. Since I run six days a week, I suppose they don't have much chance to recover. Running 1hr 40mins, like today, with sore quads from the beginning, is not so pleasant. So when they stop hurting, that means I'm getting into shape?

Mon - Rest day, physio
Tue - Gym workout, then 70 mins.
Wed - 85 mins (longer warmup) with 1000m x 6 at 5:00 +/- 6 sec.
Thu - 60 mins - no time to do 70, physio
Fri - Gym workout, 80 mins, to make up for lost 10mins yesterday
Sat - 69 mins
Sun - 100 mins @32C, 80% humidity. Felt fine, didn't even need to drink.